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Choosing a Temperature-Controlled Trucking Service
When shipping perishable goods, temperature-controlled trucking is a necessity. These trucks are ideal for transporting produce, meat, cheese, and other items that can’t be handled in the open. These trucks are also used in the pharmaceutical, medical, and chemical industries to ship goods that require special monitoring and tracking. There are also FTL options available for shipments requiring temperature control. Here are a few reasons why you might want to consider using a temperature-controlled trucking service for your next shipment.

The first time trucking services were used extensively was during World War I. But it wasn’t until the 1930s that trucking really got off the ground. Government regulations were enacted to ensure public safety. In 1965, the federal government passed the first hours-of-service rule that was later revised on July 1, 2012. This law was made possible by the money provided by taxpayers to build the Interstate Highway System, an extensive network of freeways and highways.

While many trucking services may be similar, there are some important differences between them. First, a company with a long history of service is more likely to know what it takes to be successful. They know how to deal with different situations, including emergency situations and late deliveries. Furthermore, you can expect reliable truck drivers and staff. Moreover, a reliable trucking service must hire professional drivers who are experienced, safe, and efficient. Additionally, a company should hire enough drivers to cover any delays.

When choosing a trucking service, consider what tasks you don’t want to handle yourself. If you need to schedule a delivery, a trucking service can help. They are experienced in moving merchandise and understand the rules and regulations that govern transportation. If your inventory becomes damaged or lost, an insured trucking company will cover the expenses. That way, you can be confident that your inventory will arrive safely. Further, the insurance coverage is a good investment, and you’ll always be covered in case of a disaster.

In 1957, construction on the new interstate highway system began. This was good news for the trucking industry. ATS purchased a new operating authority in 1958 and expanded into different areas of transportation and materials. In 1959, ATS set up its first out-of-state terminal in Illinois. Ultimately, the interstate highway system was completed, and trucking was back in business. If you’re looking for a reliable trucking service, don’t hesitate to contact Anderson Trucking Service, Inc.

The lowest rate available is the main goal for SMEs when looking to distribute business cargo. Lower shipping rates mean more potential customers and open more business opportunities. As a result, reputable business trucking service providers provide the lowest rates available. However, the rates charged for their services depend on various factors. Compare the different quotes from different trucking services before choosing a company. You’ll be glad you did. When choosing a company, remember that a trucking service is an investment in your business’s future.

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